Croesus Merchants International Pte Ltd (“CMI”) is an asset management and investment firm focusing on real estate, transportation and infrastructure. Its current total assets under management amount to JPY 100 billion (approximately SGD 1,100 million/ USD 817 million)1. CMI’s other businesses include strategic business advisory and investments; most notably in the retail, commercial, industrial and logistics property sub-sectors.

In the real estate space, CMI sponsored the initial public offering of Croesus Retail Trust (“CRT”), the first retail business trust with an initial portfolio located in Japan, listed on the Singapore Exchange in 2013.

CRT is backed by its strategic partners Daiwa House and Marubeni who have contributed two properties respectively. Daiwa House is one of Japan's leading real estate business conglomerates while Marubeni is one of Japan's largest general trading companies.

In addition, CMI has an asset management arm that works to ensure that its real estate investments not only deliver value to its lessees, but also derive sustainable returns for investors.

In the transportation, infrastructure, and logistics space, CMI works with global carriers to provide investment advisory for logistics and terminal assets and businesses.

CMI’s strategic partners include top financial institutions and other leading international transportation companies.

1 Based on an exchange rate of JPY 90.88 to SGD1.00 and JPY 122.37 to USD1.00